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Rick's MojoReisen

One man's journey to find his mojo


personal magnetism or charm, a frequent subject of the Blues
in German, to travel, to make a journey.

Everyone assumes that MojoReisen was inspired by L. A. Woman, the classic song by The Doors. Well, everyone is right, sort of. I was listening to L. A. Woman and as Jim Morrison repeatedly sang "Mr. Mojo Risin'" it all came together, like an epiphany but without the fanfare. I dreamt I was wandering in the desert and I met Jim Morrison and a naked Indian … wait a minute, that's the plot to Wayne's World 2. Sorry, wrong dream. Actually, there was no dream, only a never ending nightmare.

I don't recall the exact circumstances other than being in Germany and listening to L. A. Woman. I definitely had the Blues and I loved listening to the Blues (two things that haven't changed). At the time I was certainly doing my fair share of traveling throughout Germany and Europe as part of my duties with the flying circus (not Monty Python's). At that particular moment, it seemed intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that these two words should be merged together to form MojoReisen. And so it was written and so it was done.

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