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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

truenudists revisited

After leaving TrueNudists a couple years ago (it may have been longer ago) I joined again about three months ago. I filled out my profile, added a profile picture, and joined a couple of groups but other than that, I haven’t been particularly active. I’ve browsed through the forums without finding much of interest, mostly the same discussions that were ongoing during my previous time with the site. Essentially, it hasn’t changed.  I took a look at the chat and with so many people on and discussing so many topics, how is one supposed to engage anyone in a discussion?

They are still encouraging members to upgrade to a paid membership and to become “certified” nudists. I went through the certification process when I was previously a member but I don’t have any intent to go through it again. I know it would open up areas of the site for me but I’m not feeling any particular need to access them. It might also be an act of rebellion on my part. I don’t feel any need to certify or prove to anyone that I am a “genuine” nudist. It’s a primitive and ineffective vetting process and it means nothing. I know I’m a genuine nudist and I have been for the past decade.

Like most other nudist sites I’ve joined, I’ll probably just log in occasionally to keep my membership active, maybe post  something now and then. Sometimes I just don’t see the point in it.

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  • I really didn’t expect this post to be reposted or linked on Twitter. I didn’t think that the content really warranted that but I’m probably a poor judge of what from my blog is important.

    It’s not a slam against True Nudists, I feel pretty much the same way about most nudist social sites I’ve joined or visited. They’ve all have the same groups and discussion threads, the same as they did a decade ago. About the only new discussions I’ve seen are naked yoga and transgender nudist issues, both are good to be included in the discussion of nudism. And by the way, there really is anything special about naked yoga, it’s just yoga and you happen to be naked. It’s like any other activity you’d do in the nude. I think doing it naked can enhance the experience but it doesn’t make it special.

  • Nik

    I’ve been really disappointed with the ‘improvements’ recently at True Nudists. I’ve been a fairly active contributor to the site and now find the site very unreliable, some parts work today, and others will tomorrow, but never consistently. I’ve made some good nudist friends there, both in real life and online. It was worthwhile putting up with its previous faults, but I won’t be using it much if it stays as it is.

    I agree with the forums being on repeat mode mostly. There are actually many topics that nudists can cover on forums blogs etc, but far too many of the ‘nudists’ at TN these days seem infatuated with topics that are not exactly topics about nudism. Of course nudists talk about all sorts of subjects, but the same old same old does get boring.

  • I’m not particularly active on any nudist social site but on pretty much all of them I’m seeing the same nudist topics and replies that I saw a decade ago. The discussions about erections have seemingly been going on forever. It’s a problem I’ve never encountered at any nudist event or venue I’ve attended. And the discussions on who is or is not a “genuine” nudist is tedious at its best.

    I left True Nudists and, after a long hiatus, returned and found it, aside from some cosmetic changes, essentially the same as it was.

  • Yesterday, I took and submitted the pictures for certification on True Nudists. I am now a “certified male” on the site. I’m still not quite sure what benefits this action bestows upon me.

  • Nik

    Yes, the endlessly repeated discussions about erections and shaving. Maybe the indication of genuine nudists is that the men don’t get erections at public nude places, I struggle to recall seeing any too, and we use public nudist beaches far more than any other places for social nudity.

    Some at TN reckon that they can trust a ‘certified’ nudist more as they’ve bothered to go through the certification process. When it comes down to it there’s probably a hardcore of several hundred real nudists regularly contributing on that site, many more of the members that the site claim are mostly absent or don’t exist.

    I’ve been a member of most of the well-known nudist sites over the years, and a few smaller local ones, but have never found one that seems to be mainly concerned with nudists and keeps me interested for very long. I tend to use one for a while, then get fed up/bored and move on elsewhere for a while. I enjoy interesting threads about where nudists go, what they like to do nude etc etc.