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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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Rick Romig
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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

My Naturism: At Odds With the Paradigm

AANR mission statement:
Our Mission: Simply put, we exist “To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.”

TNS mission statement:
The mission of The Naturist Society is to promote body, acceptance through clothing-optional recreation using the tools of education and community outreach.

“Body acceptance is the idea…Nude recreation is […]

Kenfreehiker - Honoring the Body

Honoring the Body by Kenfreehiker is a call to naturism’s positive, historic values such as living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and a proper diet, embracing good conduct, accepting and respecting others and encouraging others to honor their bodies.

I’ve advocated naturism as a healthy lifestyle and it has helped motivate me to lose weight, get […]

Is Nudism a Fetish?

I posted the following in response to a forum discussion concerning how non-nudists perceive organized nudism as confining and shut off from mainstream society. Another idea discussed was how nudist publications seem to show nudists being nude for the sake of being nude, leading to other societal misconceptions. The original poster made a reply that […]

The Naturist Perspective

Friday’s Come As You Are blog gave a good answer to the question of whether naturists are non-sexual or anti-sex. Please read the referenced post for his answer. I really don’t have any deeper insights on the topic.

In his answer he brought up an interesting point regarding the Naturist perspective and how Naturism may be more […]

Play Naked

Over the weekend Tom Mulhall, owner of the Terra Cotta Inn, commented on how nudists and naturist don’t portray nudism and naturism as fun. Nudiarist picked up on it and expressed his views. I guess it’s my turn to put in my 2-cents.

Maybe some of us who are trying to promote nudism and naturism take […]

Secret Nudists

In my stats I see a variety of search terms that have passed through the hallowed servers at Google to reach my humble little blog. I recently saw a couple of search terms that caught my attention — “secret nudism” and “secret nudist.”

I googled “secret nudist” and the first 10 pages of search results didn’t […]

The Pastor struck a nerve

I found this quote in the article Between Nudist Morality and Freudian Realism! on Bart’s Nudes in the News Weblog on May 1st. The article is somewhat lengthy and a bit hard to follow in places, but the following quote by Mark Johnson, Pastor of the Calvary Nudist Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas stuck a […]

A Perspective on Nudism

Here are some words on nudism and naturism written by nuderunr in the forums on the True Nudists site. He’s new to the lifestyle and, as of the posting, had not yet experienced social nudism. But he clearly has done his homework and understands what nudism is about.

My Perspective on Nudism

I actually did […]

Carina - Parts 3 and 4

While perusing Skinbook, I found the rest of the Carina series. In Part 3, she discusses how she would like to have a naturist wedding and in Part 4, she talks about some of the differences between nudism and naturism.

Part 3

Find more videos like this on Skinbook

Part 4

Find more videos like this on Skinbook

[Edit] Since […]

Carina - Ecstasy in Existence

Nacktman posted these videos on his blog yesterday. They are a documentary about a young woman who lives in a naturist village in Brazil. She and others talk about naturism and society’s attitudes. The core values and ideals of naturism seem to be universal.

Part 1

A Day in the Life of a Naturist PART 1 by […]