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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

Picturing Myself Naked

This morning, while perusing my Twitter feed, I happened upon a link to Why I Don’t Agree With Many Naturist Groups by Lim, a Taiwanese naturist whose blog I referenced previously in Nude Hiking in the Alps. While on his site, I perused many other articles he’s posted. One of the things he’s adamant about is the idea that the human body is natural and decent and that naturists should not treat being photographed in a naturist setting as if practicing naturism was a shameful act.

I can’t go to a place that forbids the camera and I really have no time for closet nudists who treat nudity as if it were a forbidden fruit that should be tasted in secret and anonymity. If we are serious about promoting naturism, we must treat nudity as normal and natural and taking photos and posting them should be encouraged. (My Life as a Naturist: Nude Hiking in the Alps – An Overview)

I have said many times before that I don’t go to a naturist place that bans the camera. Nudity is not a crime and any so-called naturist place that bans the camera is not being consistent with naturist philosophy that nudity is natural and decent. I can understand the camera being banned in a mafia gathering but why on earth would anyone ban the camera in a naturist place? (My Life as a Naturist: Why I Don’t Agree With Many Naturist Groups)

Because naturists should treat their nude pics no differently from their clothed ones and if they have no qualms about freely posting photos of themselves and their friends with clothes on, they should do the same when nude. If they can’t do that, it’s a lie to say nudity is natural and decent. For such people, being nude can’t be as decent as being clothed. (My Life as a Naturist: Why I Don’t Agree With Many Naturist Groups)

Lim feels that if, as naturists, we really believe that our bodies are natural and decent, we should be free to pictorially document our clothes-free activities (swimming, hiking, sports, relaxing, etc.) just as we are when we participate in these activities while clothed.

I tend to agree. I’ve always considered naturism to be an expression of personal freedom yet, at most nudist venues, I’m not free to take a selfie against a picturesque background. I probably won’t even be allowed to have my mobile phone with me.

One of my greatest frustrations as a naturist has been the difficulties I face in documenting my naturist experiences and activities. More nudist venues need to adopt some sort of consent policy in regards to photography on their premises rather than banning any technology that may be capable of taking a photograph. With the advancements in technology and cameras becoming even smaller and more inconspicuous, such bans will soon become impossible to enforce. We need to be more trusting and respectful toward our fellow nudists and naturists.

Perhaps our obsession with preserving our personal space and our privacy is a defense against the encroachment of our surveillance culture which has eroded our trust in one another. I get that and that’s why consent is so important. If we give our consent, our privacy is not invaded. Likewise, if we decline consent and our wishes are respected, there is no invasion. It’s about trust, respect, and being an ethical naturist.

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5 comments to Picturing Myself Naked

  • Lim

    Thanks for posting this. I’m glad to see that you too feel that it’s not right to have a blanket ban on the camera. Many of us would like to keep a record of our holidays including our naturist holidays. Textile folks are at liberty to snap pics freely when they go on a textile holiday and it does seem ridiculous if the naturist community is not allowed to do that just because a large number of naturists are inveterate closet nudists who, like anyone in the textile community, cannot bear the thought that their nude pics might appear on the internet. I tend to get brickbats from closet nudists whenever I air my view and so it is a great delight for me to read this post of yours and to see that I’m not alone. Of course, anyone who has seen Chinese tourists will understand that the taking of selfies is very much a part of a cultural need that I have. If I take thousands of selfies or photos with me and my friends in them when we are clothed, it would be surprising if I don’t do the same when nude.

  • Bob Knows

    Over years of being a nudist I have come to be offended by the censorship of photos of human bodies. Their censorship always implies that human beings, you and me, are “offensive,” “indecent,” or “obscene,” merely for existing. They say that our bodies, parts of our natural biological human bodies, cannot be seen, and would “offend” or harm anyone who sees us. I have concluded that attitude is a very evil form of misanthropy, hatred of human beings.

    I have started complaining to Facebook and other web sites every chance I get. I’m currently on Facebook Jail for being not PC enough or something. I have started posting my own naked photos on my own web site. I post naked photos on lots of web sties. I put naked images of myself on my computer “desktop” and change it frequently. I’m up front about being a NATURAL HUMAN BEING, and anyone who is offended by their own species is a hateful psychotic.

    We have to start demanding acceptance of human beings. Demand an end to their misanthropy, hatred, censorship, and insults about our bodies, about us as people.

  • Nudism/Naturism: Full-frontal nudity in pictures by Jillian Page.

    I thought this article related well with the spirit of my post. There’s nothing wrong with full frontal nudity in a naturist photo expect maybe if the subject’s genitalia was the focus of the image. Even if the subject of the photo were clothed, I’d likely object if the focus was on the genitals. It’s about context and intent!

    My photo in the left sidebar is a full frontal picture and my genitals are in view but they are not the focus of the picture.

  • NH

    I agree with the other comments.The criminalization of the unclothed human body has to stop.I used to be a closet nudist with only clothed photos until I realized I was only wearing clothes to conform to society’s puritanical ways.I have posted a totally nude photo of myself online and strongly encourage others to do the same not to be exhibitionist but it’s necessary to bring greater awareness that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of and wearing clothes isn’t always necessary.Nude is natural.

    It seems to me that mainstream society is slow to understand that nudity is not all about sex.Some of us have chosen to go nude within our homes or at indoor nude public swimming pools or nude beaches,nature walks or resorts because being clothes free is what we enjoy.In order to change public opinion and show the nudist lifestyle as a healthy way to live we have to stop hiding and make ourselves seen,heard and take an aggressive stand against the discrimination.