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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

I'm Pregnant and...A Nudist

Pregnant_nude_6 Yesterday evening I watched I’m Pregnant and… A Nudist on Discovery Health. Sherri, the expectant mother in this story, is a third generation nudist whose grandmother owns and operates a nudist retreat in Texas and much of the program was filmed there (with the expected blurring, of course). Over all, I thought it treated the topic of nudism in a positive light. That is, they didn’t say anything negative or focus on things like body types. Nudist were portrayed as ordinary people.

However, there was one thing about the program that bothered me. That was Sherri’s apparent “dilemma” over whether or not to raise her daughter as a nudist. In one part, she saw a therapist about it. Was this “issue” created just to insert drama or bias into the program?

I would think that it would be pretty much a non-issue since nudism would certainly be part of the child’s growing up since many members of the family are nudists and she will probably visit the resort with her family quite often. The father isn’t a nudist but he didn’t seem to have a problem with it and he accompanies his wife to the to resort when she visits her family there. Sherri’s sister was also raised in a nudist environment but chose not to be a nudist and it seemed evident that she had some hang ups about nudity.

During the program, Sherri stated several times that she would let her daughter decide for herself when the time came but I don’t understand why she felt the need to talk to a therapist about this. I would think that the therapist might introduce doubt and anxiety about raising a child around casual nudity. Maybe I’m just a little confused, having neither been raised nor raised my own children nudist. It seems to me that it would only be an problem if the family (or the state of Arkansas) made it an issue.

In my mind, the introduction of this “dilemma” seemed to infer that while nudism might be okay for adults, it might not be an appropriate environment for raising children. I disagree with this viewpoint. My informal research and discussions with other nudists indicate otherwise.Technorati Tags: ,,,

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  • I don’t get it either. If Mom were a textile, sure, but a nudist? Is she just concerned about ‘Daddie’s’ family?

    Sounds like a good program though, will watch for it.

  • It really should be a non-issue. Maybe the father’s family is a concern. I think the introduction of the problem was probably the producer’s idea to create drama and controversy and to subtly infer his or her editorial opinion that raising children as nudist might not be a good thing. Of course, you, I and thousands of other nudists know better. (It probably wouldn’t hurt for Daddy to loosen up and get naked too. No point in sending the kid mixed messages.)

  • I understand why Sherri would seek some outside advice when in today’s world, we are paranoid about anything happening to our children. There are plenty of people I have come across on the internet who are naturists but either hide it from their children and somehow expect their kids to become the same as them or, they ask out other peoples views first before deciding.

    Here in Australia, a parent allowing their children to see them naked including walking to the shower and back to the bedroom is treated by the authorities as suspicious. When some of my children appeared in an Australian nudist magazine without any genitalia showing, I found police on my front door step investigating the matter.

    So I can understand why people are concerned.

  • Alan

    I think that the decision to see the therapist was done by the producers of the show to generate more buzz for there show. That is how I see it. I sincerely hope that this family continues its nude tradition and I just wish that society would have enough respect for them to allow that with out interfering. You would never hear them telling them to see a therapist for continuing to raise there child as a Catholic or encouraging their child to become a doctor or go to college. So why is it they wanted her to go talk to someone about the decision to raise their child as a nudist.

  • Heather

    Humans are not meant to wear clothes, be naked and enjoy your life.

  • I did not see the film, however based on the summary provided I do think it is possible that Sherri could have some issues with deciding whether or not to raise her children as nudists. I was raised with certain beliefs and attitudes that went back several generations in my family, but as an individual I have different opinions and certainly challenged traditions when raising my own child. I always wondered how children would be treated at school once the other children, and especially their parents, learned that their friend was living within a nudist community. It may not be right in our opinion, but it’s worth thinking about before deciding the future of others.

  • Amanda

    I’m not a nudist. I actually only stumbled on this site/post because I couldn’t figure out what the heck the problem could possibly be with the mom being a nudist. I haven’t seen this show, but I’ve seen the previews and every time I think the same thing “Why should it matter if you’re pregnant and a nudist? What’s the problem?” As far as I’m aware, nudists can have children just as well as everyone else…

    So I’m going to trust your post until I can see it myself. The dilemma is how she intends to raise the baby? I still don’t see the problem. And completely agree with you. It really seems like someone’s making an issue out of a non-issue. Even if the father is not a nudist, he clearly doesn’t have a problem with nudists…or he would not be the father. So, I would think all sorts of options would be completely open to them.

  • I am the aunt of sherri’s husband edward and no his family does not have an issue with it sherri and edward are awesome parents their daughter is the happiest little girl you will ever meet and sherri is a great mom and it is thieir way of life and no 1 in the fathers family has an issue because we all believe in being what you want, and the new baby will be just as well taken care of as my niece is now, If someone had an issue about the topic of the show then they should not watch it

  • trista funck-bailey

    I went to school with Sherri i never Knew she was a nudist or her family and we were best friends for years she even dated my older brother but im sure she has raised her daughter the best way she can…..

  • Al_in_SFla

    One of the common threads on all these ‘reality’ type shows is >Tensionconflict<. If everyone was happy and got along, the show would not have an 'edge'. So they create artifical tension by some method – a person, a situation, or a dilemma. It sounds like this episode (which I have not seen yet) is that type…. Seems like a no brainer for a third generation nudist to raise their child in that environment, at least until the teen years when the child could make a decision for themselves.

  • Barbara

    I have seen this show. I was not a “nudist” at the time of watching it but i thought the whole thing was very cool. I’ve never really liked clothes but never though of myself as a nudiest. I grown up with my mom and dad who had while. mom had no prombles taking pic of me and my brother taking a bath. and my dad who would go be hide her back and remove them from the family photos. Most of my life I wear close as nothing as I could at that moment in time. So in a house only like mine meant t-shirt and panties. Keep both mom and dad off my back from not wearing clothes. My mom never said much and my dad would yell put some pants on. When I moved out of my family’s home and in to my own I lose my shirt as you could say. But didnt feel like a nudist never though I was. My boyfriend who is a nudist when we meet as a friend asked me to try not to wear any underwear. Long story short. I now never wear underwear now. I hate it and feel like this is the skin I should have been in all along. Any who back to the matter at hand. I never seen anything wrong with being naked as long as thats all your doing. I have 4 young children. and my boyfriend asked me what we should do about my kids. should we raise them as nudiest or should we let them pick there own way. Well one I never let my ex boyfriend(my kids’ father) be naked around them I wont let him be around my kids naked. My kids are under the age of 3.(2 sets of twins) Now I breastfed. and I have took bath with my kids and showers on hot days. I feel I am there mother and at this age I believe in skin to skin is best. But am never full naked around my kids (unless i’m in the bath with them, Ive done that like 3 times all together) I only go with out a shirt and bra around my kids. I feel like I breastfed all of them for the most part its nothing they havent seen. plus i rememeber a few times growing up my mother and her mother walking out of the bathroom in less than a towel if you know what am saying. and I have heard from my mom that my dad use to walk around naked in the house before I was born. The thing I have truble with is most like any other nudist with kids….What is alright and what is crossing the line. I am there mother. I should choose the right path for them. But I dont want to put them in harms way. I wont say I lose sleep of this. But I can see why she would want help for finding out what to do. I feel right now there no right or wrong with my kids cause there to young to fulling know whats going on at the moment but as they get older I dont know if should put a shirt on around them or stay how I am and be who I am. I know when there teens I will open up to them and let them choose but what age is right to have this talk? and What will the say if I never been naked around them would they be mad at me for hiding that part of myself from them or if I where to be naked around them would they hate me for that. I wish I know what the right thing is to do. But again I am there mother I should choose what I think is right and no one should have the right to tell me if am wrong. So I dont think there is a promble with this show but with how other people just dont understand what it is to be a nudist.

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