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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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Rick Romig
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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

A Natural State?

Here’s a question I saw on Tumblr today: “Mass participation in pubic hair removal has lead to hairless genitals now being the norm. Would mass erections at nudist events and locations lead to better acceptance of the erection as a natural state of the penis?”

In my mind, the answer is “No.” The natural, default state of […]

Commando in February

How marvelous it is to go commando in Ohio in February. When the temperature is in the mid-sixties I usually take advantage of the opportunity. When temperatures are warm enough to permit full nudity I’m frustrated that society is not enlightened enough to permit it as well.

Nudity is our natural state, our default state of […]

Option for Offense

Charlie Hebdo and Naturism ~ Stéphane Deschênes, Bare Oaks Blog

The article doesn’t so much relate naturism to the Charlie Hebdo attack as it talks about intolerance of views contrary to your own and taking offense to opinions, life choices and behaviors that you don’t embrace.

Blasphemy and offence only exist when people who consider the ideas, […]

Default & Natural State

Nudity is our default and natural state. We all entered the world in that state and we felt no shame or embarrassment as we saw our first light and took our first breath. As we grew older we learned how to feel shame and embarrassment about our bodies from our parents, our teaches, our churches, […]

I'd Rather Go Naked...Period.

PETA’s ads featuring nudity and saying “We’d rather go naked than wear fur” are not positive statements about nudity. Obviously, they make the point that wearing fur is bad. They also infer that being naked isn’t good either but it’s preferable to wearing fur, the lesser of two evils.

Personally, I’d rather […]

Have we lost our way?

“Body acceptance is the idea…Nude recreation is the way.”
Lee Baxandall

Body acceptance and nude recreation are, in my opinion, only starting points in the naturist lifestyle. For some, that may be enough while others take it further and look upon naturism as a genuine lifestyle. I suspect that even those who are content with the recreational […]

I'm offended. Call the cops.

A couple of items from the 3 June 2010 Nudist Day blog:

A Canadian nudist has been ordered to cover up in his own home! The 63 year old gent had thought that it was well within his rights to be nude anywhere on his property in Repentigny, Quebec, but neighbors thought otherwise and called the […]

Winning the War, Revisited

There has been much talk about the full body scanners in the aftermath of the “Christmas bomber”. I’ve read much of it but generally haven’t gotten involved in the discussion. I’m opposed to them, not because some TSA employee will see a naked image of me but because I feel it’s another government intrusion of […]

10 Discussion Points

A Skinbook member posted Top Ten Things That Are Killing Australian Nudism and expanded on each as he felt it applied to nudism in Australia. I’m not going to reiterate his comments. Instead, I’ll add my own interpretation of how these points affect naturism in the U.S.. If you’re on Skinbook, you’ve probably seen the […]

Leave mooners and nudists alone

Leave mooners and nudists alone is an editorial that appeared in the August 2,2009 edition of the Orange County Register. Despite a few factual errors, it’s very supportive of nude recreation at San Onofre.

Southern California still has the international reputation as being a fun-in-the-sun place. The reality has been whittled away by government officials and […]