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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

Adjustment Time

This morning I received an email about the upcoming nude swim. Apparently, a lot of new people are expected to attend, among them some who have never been nude with others. This raised the question of whether or not to allow first timers to wear swimsuits. Although the club’s policy is to require nudity at such an event, they seem to be willing to allow for an adjustment period and make it clothing optional for the first hour or so then after that nudity would be required in the pool.

I’m not sure how I feel about this change in policy. Of course, I’m not a member of the club (yet) so it’s not my place to question their rules. It’s their club and their event. However, it got me thinking about the idea of “transition periods” for first time nudists. I know that many landed clubs allow first time visitors to ease into getting completely nude but nearly all of them require full nudity in their pools, hot tubs, and saunas. I’m also aware that they don’t own this facility and are simply renting it for the evening.

To my mind, if you’re going to a nude swim you should have an expectation that nudity will be a requirement. I understand that some might be a little shy or apprehensive about attending their first nude event but I feel that if you have already made the decision to attend a nude event, the best thing to do is to just get naked and experience it. If, after a reasonable amount of time, you’re not comfortable and it’s not for you, then get dressed and make a graceful exit.

Generally speaking, nudists are very friendly folks and won’t be judging you on how your body looks. Chances are, you’ll likely stand out if you’re the only one wearing a swimsuit. Join in the fun and after a few minutes, you’ll probably forget that you’re naked.

I can only speak from my own experience. I was nervous and apprehensive when I went to my first nudist outing and I almost turned around and went home. But once I arrived, I took my clothes off and my apprehension disappeared almost immediately. I discovered that, for me, being nude with others felt so liberating, so comfortable, and so natural that I did not want to get dressed again for the drive home.

I guess I’m a bit old school in my views of naturism. If you’re attending a nudist event or visiting a nudist location, you’ve already made a commitment to experience naturism (nudism). Should you decide it’s not for you after all, no harm done.

4 comments to Adjustment Time

  • A quote I found that seems appropriate:

    Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not.
    Virgil Garnett Thomson

  • I didn’t attend the swim but I’ve heard that no one took advantage of the clothing optional option, everyone opted to be nude. I like that giving new nudists the option turned out to be unnecessary. I hope they won’t feel the need to offer it in the future.

  • I received an email about a Sunday afternoon swim in April, the organizer is shooting for the 11th. At this time I don’t know if I’d find it more convenient than a Saturday evening swim. For one thing, it’s too far into the future for me to make definite plans.

    Will the clothing-optional adjustment time be offered again? From the report of the last swim, I don’t think it will be necessary.