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"Nudity is our ideal state, our pure state, our natural state, our default state. Clothing is always a deviation from the default and is, therefore, a compromise and an aberration.."



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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."

Shame or not?

It’s funny, isn’t it? Funny that we can promote the right to be naked, to enjoy our body, to feel freedom, all from the comfort of our own home. And we can pretend to disregard the idea of shame, all the while we tuck ourselves away into the remotest corners, into the forest, into the desert, in our own home, where nobody will find us. We haven’t fought for our rights, we have simply found places where they aren’t challenged. We haven’t proven that we feel no shame, in fact we have proven the exact opposite, that we don’t have the courage to be outspoken, that we are complacent living secretly amongst everyone else: we have proven that there is shame where there should be none. People fear what they do not know, and we have almost deliberately denied them the understanding of nudity that we have always known.


It’s definitely something to think about. How do we resolve this? I don’t know. There don’t seem to be any easy answers. Perhaps we can start by being as open and transparent as is practical. Not all of us can do this to the same degree and it can be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

That we practice our lifestyle in remote secluded areas or hide it may not necessarily be because of shame, but for more rational, more practical reasons. We also have to be realistic about the society we live in and the laws governing it. Challenge may not always be in our best interest.

I don’t have the answers. I’m just offering it up as something to think about. All I can do is what I can, with what I have, where I am. I’m not ashamed but I do try to be practical and pick my battles.

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  • Cor


    I have found your post especially profound and I thank you for setting it out in the open.

    I have taken the liberty of translating both the Nurba quotation and your own response and posting it on the French-language naturist forum Naturistesduquébec.com

    Here is my translation…

    Voici un billet qui vient de paraître sur le blog de
    Je vous l’ai traduit…


    La honte ou pas ?

    C’est drôle, n’est-ce pas ? C’est drôle que nous pouvons promouvoir le droit à la nudité, d’apprécier notre corps et de sentir la liberté, tout du confort de notre foyer. Nous pouvons ainsi prétendre d’ignorer le concept de la honte, tout en se cachant dans les coins les plus reculés, dans la forêt, dans le désert, dans nos propres maisons, là où personne ne pourrait nous trouver. Nous n’avons pas luté pour nos droits, nous n’avons que trouvé des endroits où ces droits ne sont contestés. Nous n’avons aucunement démontré que nous n’avons pas honte, même, nous avons prouvé le contraire ; que nous n’avons pas le courage de vociférer, que nous avons choisit la facilité en nous cachant parmi la multitude – nous avons démontré qu’il y a effectivement de la honte là où il ne devrait pas y avoir. Les gens craignent ce qu’ils ne connaissent pas et nous leur avons quasiment interdit cette compréhension de la nudité que nous avons toujours connue.

    Cette réflexion vaut la peine d’être considérée. Comment allons-nous résoudre ce problème ? Je ne le sais pas. Il ne me semble pas avoir de réponses faciles. Possiblement, nous pourrions commencer en étant aussi ouverts et transparents que possible. Nous ne pouvons pas tous le faire au même degré et si nous le faisions sans réfléchir cela pourrait nous mettre dans une situation de sauter de l’eau bouillante pour atterrir dans le feu.

    Que nous pratiquons notre style de vie dans des coins reculés ou que nous le cachons n’est peut-être pas à cause de la honte mais plutôt pour des raisons justifiables et pratiques. Nous nous devons d’être réalistes à propos de la société dans laquelle nous vivons et les lois qui la gouvernent. La défiance n’est pas toujours dans notre intérêt.

    Je n’ai pas les réponses. Je ne l’offre comme sujet de réflexion. Tout ce que je peux faire est ce que je puisse faire, avec ce que j’ai en main, et de l’endroit où je me trouve. Je n’ai pas honte mais j’essaie de garder mes pieds à terre et de choisir mes batailles.


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  • Darn it, there went my morning! Started a little comment here and, as often happens, it turned into a full article far to big to post here.

    Suffice to say that I don’t entirely concur with NURBO’s assessment and managed to squeeze out a few words to that effect. Not a big deal, more of a clarification.

    If anyone is interested, here it is. Didn’t mean to use this site as a promo tool, just don’t want to take up a lot of space! http://allnudist.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/shameful-nudists-what-shame/

  • NURB..A. Sorry about the typo!

  • Thanks Steve. I read your comments on All Nudist, good post. I don’t agree with Nurba about the shame thing. I certainly don’t feel any shame in being a nudist nor do I feel any shame in being nude.

    There’s a time and a place for everything. If public nudity were legal, I probably wouldn’t go to the mall naked but it shouldn’t be a big deal if my neighbor happens to see me relaxing naked in my backyard or if someone passing by my window sees me sipping a cup of coffee au naturel.

  • I don’t think is a sense of shame so much but more a case of apathy, a lot of Naturists are fed up with being labeled a “swinger” “pervert” etc & sick of explaining themselves to textiles who have already made their minds up.

    Or in other cases they are sick of the perverts on the beaches so they retreat behind closed doors such as nude clubs etc, which is another form of apathy.

    There is also still a lot of mistrust in our lifestyle though, I have encountered it as a forum admin on aussienaturists.com where people signing up won’t give their real phone number or even their real date of birth which is required to ensure only legit people are signing up to our website.

    I personally don’t have any issues about people knowing my lifestyle choice, at work we have over 120 employees & most if not all know I am a Naturist. Have had many positive conversations about nudity…. with a lot admitting that they go nude at home but don’t want the world to know it for fear of ridicule, I hope that with more people “coming out” like I have many years ago will lead to the stigma being lifted from our lifestyle 😉

    Michael Connolly



  • […] an article at MojoNude discussing nudists and our tendency to ‘hide’ from the world in order to do our thing. […]

  • Bare Platypus recently posted Is it Really a Privacy Fence? which provides us with a different perspective on why we practice nudism in secluded areas and behind high fences. Maybe it’s because we know people are going to take offense so we go through all that trouble as a courtesy to those who would chose to be offended by our lack of clothing. Unfortunately, this gesture of good will is often misinterpreted by the very people whose sensibilities we’re trying to avoid offending. They’re sure we’re doing all those terrible things they imagine we do. They’re offended by the very idea that we’re naked, enjoying our freedom from the bondage from clothing and their staid, oppressive social constructs.