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"Body shame originates in our minds with our thoughts and perceptions. Neither our religion nor our culture makes us ashamed of our bodies, only our belief that we should be ashamed. Shame comes from our own thoughts which we have the power to change. If we perceive no shame then there is none. No one can make you feel ashamed without your permission."
Rick Romig


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Hiding in the Shadows of Fear

Hiding in the Shadows of Fear

I am lucky in comparison to so many who are trapped in their workspaces and living spaces by the weather. I remember looking out on sunny winter days when the temperature was harsh, longing for a bit of freedom to escape au naturel into the world.

At least I was clothing free in my home. The same can’t be said for so many who are trapped in their clothing, trapped by their minds that have embraced fear, or false norms of what it is to be a human. Some are so imprisoned that they even hide from themselves, denying themselves as though that would somehow grant them entry into some afterworld of pure light where everyone who makes it is swaddled in layers and layers of robes singing the praises of a god who has condemned most of humanity to eternal suffering. So, they practice being sexless, subservient denying the gift of their mind and their body and their gender and their instincts.

If one assumes there is a god, then that god created these human bodies, naked. He or she created bodies and minds and instincts. We have a story of that creation and in that story we are celebrated in our nudity. Our rejection of that nudity got us tossed out of that Garden, a paradise. So we created a different paradise based on our initial rejection of the Garden, a paradise where there is no way to differentiate gender, no temptation of body, no temptation by environment – we have a featureless paradise that is more cocoon that reward for living a good life. And then we redefine a good life to be one that is lived in fear and swallowed pride and anger where “self” is denied, where the “present” is denied.

And so we hide feeling empty, longing for freedom yet terrified that to engage fully in the world will damn us for eternity. We fear our god, we fear, we cower, we hide.

Robert G. Longpré

So many people are trapped and imprisoned in their clothes, their minds, their identities, their beliefs, their ideologies, and the other prisons we create for ourselves. Most have never really known freedom, true freedom – freedom from fear, freedom from the illusions we carry around in our heads.

Penultimate Day 2015

It’s the penultimate day of 2015 and as good an opportunity to reflect on the past year as any. I was not spectacularly active in naturism  during the past year. Indeed, I was probably conspicuously absent from it. I don’t think I’ve been to a naturist event or venue in at least four years. The only place I’ve been nude is at home and not often enough. If it means anything, I did renew my AANR and TNS memberships so I’m at least a card-carrying nudist. I’d like to be nude more often, in more places, with more people but it hasn’t been a big priority.

With my impending retirement form the active workforce, I might have more time to visit nearby venues (there’s nothing local) but with my income more limited, it’s not likely to be a regular or spontaneous thing,

I”m not sure I’m as interested in nudism/naturism as a cause or even a lifestyle as I am in the idea that displaying the human body should be free of sanctions and repercussions. Nudity is our default state and we should embrace it and celebrate it when possible. I know it’s a Utopian pipe dream but it’s a blissful one. I’m so sick and tired of the repression of everything that is natural.


Nakey is ... Nakey!


What more needs to be said…

Naked and Happy: Nudity is a complete and normal state

Nudity is a complete and normal state describes how being nude is a natural state but how being a naturist in a textile world is a journey. I certainly agree.

nudity is a natural state. Shame of nudity is a learned behavior. Nudity equals sex is a taught equation, and for many religions, sex is bad, therefore nudity is bad. I believe sex is good, and nudity is good too, although nudity and sex are two different things. We need to deconstruct those beliefs, but it’s worth it, because nudism is just a wonderful natural state. When you start being nude at home, at the beach, or in nature, you do not think any more about it. You are just who you are, naked.





The Intimacy of Nudism

Art Model Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting

For me an important aspect of being nude in a social setting is what I refer to as the intimacy of nudism. I don’t mean sexual intimacy, nudism is not sexual, but rather a form of personal intimacy.

Being nude in the presence of another human being can be a very powerful experience. Letting go of embarrassment, and shame, and sexual thoughts, all of the things we are taught to associate with nudity, we connect with others in a more meaningful way. In our nude state we are reduced to our most basic essence. When we remove our clothing we remove our affectations of status, our costume of identity, the mask we present to the world.

When I am nude before you, it is more then just a body on display. More then just assorted parts. It is all that I am. All that the rest of the world does not get to see. All that I am told I must hide. All of my flaws. All of my perfection.

It’s a bond of trust, like a secret shared with a best friend. It is a beautiful moment, pure, and honest. And I am sharing this with you, as you share in turn with me.

~The Imp

The Intimacy of Nudism

I really can’t add much to The Imp’s sentiments. When I’m nude, especially with others, I feel more comfortable and more confident. I’m more myself and through shedding the facades, I feel more liberated. In the right setting, being nude can feel quite spiritual; there’s a sensation of feeling more connected with my surroundings and with others. As my friend Chet says, “Nude, we resemble one another.”

Public nudity, what is the issue?

I am not in fact trying to create a nude society where everybody is nude all the time, but I am seeking the decriminalization of nudity and create a choice for people. Those that wish to be nude, can be nude, without being prosecuted or branded criminal, simply for their choice of clothing, or in this case, their choice not to have clothing. It is what we are. We were born this way.

I, too, advocate the legalization and decriminalization of the human body. There should not be criminal penalties for simply being without clothing. Even if all prohibitions against public nudity were done away with, I wouldn’t necessarily walk around town or do my shopping nude but it would be good to know I could if I wanted to. Imagine not having to get dressed to check the mail or take out the garbage. Or tending my garden? How nice it would be to be able to swim at any public pool without having to own a swimsuit or take a nude stroll in a public park.

Public nudity, what is the issue?

Right to be nude?

Does anyone have a “right” to be nude? At one time I would have said, “Absolutely!” Now I’m not quite so sure. Maybe I feel inundated by naturist evangelism and affirmations and it’s starting to sound like a lot of other presumed rights that are advocated by countless groups.

I enjoy nudity either alone or with others and I’m comfortable with it. Whenever possible, I prefer to be nude and I think of it as my natural physical state. I wish I could be nude more often, in more places, and in more social contexts. If nudists have a right to anything, it is the right to pursue our recreational  and casual activities without criminal, civil, or social sanctions for simply being nude. Simple nudity causes no harm, endangers no one’s property, and does not infringe on anyone’s “rights.” Being offended is not being harmed since it’s the offended individual’s choice to be in that state and there is no “right” to not be offended.

I know acceptance isn’t going to happen any time soon, but I can hope that one day, we will evolve into a more tolerant and more enlightened society where nudity is just another clothing option.

Thoughts on Naked Yoga

Siva-skycladLately, I’ve been seeing posts and articles on “Naked Yoga” and I have a few thoughts about the subject. There is nothing special about Naked Yoga; it’s just yoga that you happen to be doing while naked. I enjoy being nude and doing things while nude and yoga is just one more activity that I enjoy doing in the nude. It’s that simple.

Are there spiritual and physical advantages to naked asana? Do I feel more connected to my body or my spirit? Perhaps. I do feel more connected physically and spiritually when I do my practice in the nude. I find my movements are less restricted when I’m nude and there are other advantages to a naked practice but they are generally the same advantages found in doing other activities in the nude such as hiking, running, volleyball, or swimming. There’s really nothing special about it.

I suppose one could look at clothing as another obstacle or another veil to spiritual awakening but I see the attachment to the wearing of clothing as the obstacle rather than the clothing itself. This would include one’s attachment to the shame and guilt they might feel about their bodies. We don’t necessarily need to be free of our clothing, just our attachments to it. It’s not being naked that liberates us but letting go of the attachments that bind us.

Great Naked Yoga Article

Today Young Naturists America published Naked Yoga : A Story of Transformation by guest blogger Isis Phoenix. I’ve talked about it and discussed several articles on the subject but this is by far the best article on naked yoga I’ve read.

Naked poem (apologies to Dr. Seuss)

I would be naked in the air, at a fair, or in the square.
I would be naked on a dare or with a mare.
I would be naked here or there.
I would be naked without a care.
I would be naked anywhere.